Buy Silver surfer vaporizer – Vape Reviews and Coupon Codes

Buy Silver surfer vaporizer – Vape Reviews and Coupon Codes

Silver Surfer Vaporizer SSV – Silver

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer was developed by 7th Floor a Colorado, USA-based producer of highly customizable & durable vaporizers. Silver Surfer vaporizers are only stationary vaporizer to use an all-ceramic heating element. 7th Floor has designed the Silver Surfer Vape to utilize a reverse 90 degree angle. This allows the location of ceramic heating element to be outside of the unit, which is an extremely important feature of the SSV. Silver surfer is an herbal based vaporizer. Silver Surfer Vaporizers feature a custom glass knob and heater cover that are colorful and completely unique.

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer Is a Customizable Unit

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer’s heating element is completely encased in ceramic and removed from the electronics so as not to emit any form of toxin which often occurs with less expensive metal heating elements.  It also comes with a complete 3 Year Warranty from stores like Vapor Nation. These units come in a large variety of colors including Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Orange and beautiful Zen Rainbow. The Silver Surfer also features an indicator light that brightens and dims as you adjust the temperature. Each unit includes a Padded Travel Case that makes transportation of your Vaporizer simple and easy.

Low Prices on Vaping Hardware

Included in each Silver Surfer Vaporizer purchase, you will find 1 Main Stationary Unit, 1 Padded Carrying Case, 1 Glass Marble Stirring Tool, 3 Replacement Screens, 1 Standard or Ground Glass Wand, 1 3 ft. of Vapor Tubing, 1 Clear Glass Mouthpiece, 1 Instruction Manual.


Vaporizing Your Dry Herbs

The air that is inhaled is hot enough to vaporize your favorite smoking tobacco. It is possible to control how hot the air is by inhaling faster or slower. The slower you inhale the more time the air spends in the glass heater cover, therefore the air gets hotter. If inhaling slowly does not get the air hot enough to vaporize your herbal material turn the Silver Surfer Vapor up a little higher.

Flavors: They have some amazing scents in wax and oil. For vaporizing Herbs are there signature flavor over tobacco.

Vaporizers: Silver Surfer Herbal Vaporizer Electric candle is different and can be customized to one’s personal taste.

Create your own SSV and Wave rider SSV

  • The Silver Surfer Herbal Vaporizer-Electric Candle comes with: -1 SSV 120v or 220 volt unit.
  • FREE hand made glass marble pick
  • FREE hand made glass marble temperature knob!
  • FREE screens for your wand!
  • Standard whip (includes standard PYREX quick change wand, food grade vinyl tube, clear glass mouthpiece

There are three options that you can get

Craft Basic Membership
  • Standard glass The standard glass connection is best for those who want a controlled pinpointed heat delivery set-up when they vape. You will be holding the mouthpiece with one hand and the other to the heater.
  • Spherical ground glass The spherical ground glass connection is made to be an even controlled heat distribution by giving the user a full range of motion with the wand while still having the air-tight seal of the ground glass connection.
  • Ground glass The ground glass connection allows for even heat distribution with a secure air-tight hands free vape experience. On your ground glass, since you are connecting the tube to the heater, you will expect to only vape portions of the herbs.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Accessories


Picks, Screen, Misc: Skull picks, Titanium Concentrate tool, Titanium screens

Wax, Oiks and Herbs: They have some amazing scents in wax and oil. For vaporizing Herbs are there signature flavor over tobacco. New Glass oil diffuser, Old style glass oil diffuser, Tasty puff tobacco flavoring

SSV Storage: High quality storage check out Ryot Products. They have clear jars and SSV engraved ones.They have different colors and sizes. They have humidors to shaker boxes of different shapes, sizes and finishes.

Buy One 120ML Get One 120ML FREE - Only $22

Dime Bags: Storage bags or Dime bags are made with natural ingredients. Styles feature spill proff and pouche.

Snuff Shredders: A powder coated shredder is much more scratch resistant than paint or anodizing.

$4.99 E-Juice

Cleaners: Cleaning agents of high quality for Vaporizer, glass and accessories

  • E cig Vaporizers few mentioned here
  • Oil pens produced by 7th floor are of high quality.
  • Vip 1.3 cartomizer kit, Vip2mouthpiece,Essence pen heater upgrade

There are different types

  • VIP1- Vip1.3 dry herb mouthpiece insert, Vip 1.3 cartomizer kit,
  • Vip2- vip2, vip2 mouthpiece, vip2 colored glass mouthpieces
  • Essence- Vip custom frit glass dome,Vip & Essence custom glass dome
  • Custom Glass- Vip custom frit glass dome, Custom vip and essence pen domes S 07
  • E juice- Evo E juice 10 ml, Evo eE juice 30 ml


Given all the information about the 7thFloor vaporizer, Silver Surfer, it is clear how the glass is the Achilles heel of this beautiful product. From the fact that they offered only a 30 day warranty to the glassware, is a testament that the company is not really confident in this component of the vaporizer.

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Low Prices on Vaping Hardware
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